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Now how many of us dream of that someone special that would come into our life, well all of us really. Well that is definitely the case for London based singleton Katrina Pawar played by Sohm Kapila who dreams and hopes of a love Bollywood style romance, the wind in her hair, the imaginary leaves flying and her hero standing with his arms wide open and that sparkle in his eyes. Her hopes soon take a twist when she arrives in India for her brother Lucky’s wedding, this is where the she finds herself testing her patience and emotions with her family and potential love interest.

Written and directed by Samir Bhamra several years later after his successful debut of Bollywood Musical “Precious Bazaar”, once again the clothes, glitz, glamour and hip-moving song sequences suggest it wont be long before we see another musical in our theatres.

Comedy is in abundance with the Pawar family from matchmaker mother Sakuntala Ramanee and retired soldier father Rohit Gokani and son Lucky played by Bhavin Bhatt. They all delivered one liners with quick comic timing, very hard to pick one who stood as they looked every bit a dysfunctional bickering family, great to watch every time.

On the other hand we see the dashing Adam Samuel-Bal as Ranbir ‘Ronny’ Kapoor who is also heading to India to cast his ex-wife’s ashes into the holy waters until he encounters Katrina who later impacts his life in more ways the one, is she the one for him or will he be her Shah Rukh Khan?

The production also tells the story of brit-born actor/director Amit played by Rishi Nair and friend of Ronny who moves to India to be the next big thing but is also distracted by his love interest Rekha played by Nikkita Chadha who is set to marry Katrina’s brother Lucky.

One of my favourites scene was Ronny reciting hindi song “Lag Ja Gale” in ode to his dead wife,  the music, lighting and the whole song sequence just took my breath away!

There is plenty to digest from from the chandelier intro of Lucky to his mother’s scheming ways, dance, colour and music nothing more of what you would expect from a Bollywood musical. In one particular scene we see father and daughter share a shot of whiskey(see picture), Not sure how many fathers would approve of that but I guess anything can happen in Tinsel Town – CUT!

 Stand out performances from Sakuntala Ramanee, Rohit Gokani, Bhavin Bhatt, Nikkita Chadha & Adam Samuel-Bal.


Overall a great family show from start to finish.
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