Sant Te Sipahi: A heartwarming tale based on a very important event in Punjab history

In cinemas on February 26 2016


A very emotional day reminisced in the history of Punjab is June 6th 1984, when the Golden temple was invaded by the Indian army.

Sant Te Sipahi, is a depiction based on a factual account of what occurred on that June 6 1984, during the invasion of the Indian army on the holy Sikh shrine.

The film tells the story of a mother (Sukhdeep Kaur) who after discovering that her young son (Aman) was suffering from an incurable disease, takes him to holy saint Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawala Ji for his blessings as her last ray of hope.

On the advice of the saint, she then takes her son to the golden temple to offer prayers, to her misfortune, she and her young son (Aman) get caught up in the Army invasion of the Golden temple where 25,000 people lost their lives.

During the incident, Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwala Ji laid down his life protecting the sanctity of Darbar Sahib. Audiences will be enthralled as the film shows exclusive real footage of holy saint.

From there on, Sant Te Sipahi explores the life of a young man, Aman, who loses his mother in the violence at the time. The plot thickens as Aman grows to be a young man and his life unfolds into love, action and high drama in the pursuit of truth.

The film seamlessly depicts his fight for love in the backdrop of corruption and abuse of power of the rich, when the love of his life gets kidnapped by a wealthy politician’s son.

Reflecting the cultural richness of Punjab, Sant Te Sipahi is a film not to be missed with its high drama, historical context, vibrant and complex plot, great music, colour and costumes.


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