Zayn Malik Image Tackles ISIS


Former Apprentice Star Rolls Out New Campaign

The image of former One Direction star, Zayn Malik, is being used to help deter youngsters joining Islamic State.


His image will mainly be used to help as a role model to stop British-born girls becoming “jihadi brides” and comes after the disappearance of three schoolgirls from London joined the terrorist group in February.


The scheme is the idea of former Apprentice star, Nurun Ahmed who says girls need to understand that there are more opportunities available in the UK. “The radicals who groom teenage girls tell them groups like IS are their only hope for a future.


“We need girls to know this is not true and that there is hope for them in this country. We will give them examples of people they can relate to, like Zayn Malik from One Direction, to help them understand that they have opportunities.”


Titled Prevent, Inspire and Engage, the project will be rolled out in east London with Nuran saying it was important that talks are given before school break in the summer with fears that girls will be able to run away more easily after schools break up in July.



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