The Singing Stones


Mama Quilla presents the Hidden Stories from the Arab Spring

In 2011, all over the Arab World, women took to the streets to protest and bring about change. Briefly celebrated, then derided, and finally ignored and denied, their amazing stories remain untold.

Until now.

The Singing Stones is a triad of three short plays, each offering a poetic, fearless and sometimes funny exploration of women and the Arab revolutions. From the heroines of Tahrir Square to the female fighting forces defending the borders of Kurdistan. The women who snitched on Gaddafi to a band of quarrelling artists struggling to invent a future, female revolutionary icon.

Was the Arab Spring the greatest missed opportunity of the 21st century?

“You can always tell a dictator by his roots. They all dye their hair that dodgy soot black. The minute they do, they should be frog marched off and lynched in the public square. That simple pre-emptive action would save several genocides!”

In it’s world premiere, The Singing Stones will be performed by Alia Alzougbi, Arinda Alexander-Kaur, Eugenia Low, Jody Jameson, Rhiannon James, Rus Kallan, Sarah Auber, Tina Gray and Vivienne Rochester.

Featuring original films from Masasit Mati and music composition by Najma Akhtar.

Mama Quilla, founded in 1999 by Kay Adshead and Lucinda Gane, is an award-winning woman led performing arts company that spotlights human rights issue. Mama Quilla is not affiliated to any political party and its mission is to explore the current big issues of the day from the female view point.

Directed by Kay Adshead

Visual Artist Shanaz Gulzar

Music Composition Najma Akhtar

Physical Theatre Director Mark Civil

Lighting Designer Richard Hillier

Sound Designer Simon McCabe

Tickets and Times

Monday – Saturday evenings at 8pm

£17 / £12 concessions

Saturday matinees at 3:30pm

14 February – £14 / £12 concessions

21 February, 28 February – £17 / £12 concessions

Opening performances (4-7 February) – All tickets £12

Pay What You Can Tuesdays (tickets in person from 6pm – limited and subject to availability)

Tickets are £10 or less with Arcola Passport

Running time to be confirmed with the first preview.

Recommended for ages 12+


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