Mawlid in the City


Saturday 3rd January 2015

Following the huge success of “international mawlid in the city ” held in January of 2014, once again “mawlid in the city” will be held on 3rd January 2015.


In a ground breaking series of events coordinated worldwide , thousands of muslim men and women launched an international campaign to spread the peaceful message of the prophet Muhammed to city centre populations across the world.


International Mawlid in the City day” is part of celebrations held worldwide to  celebrate the birth (mawlid) of Prophet Muhammad, the founder of the Islamic faith some 1400 years ago in Arabia.


Once again this year the event will be held simultaneously in many  cities and towns throughout the world. In the UK alone London, Birmingham, Walsall, Leicester, glasgow, Derby, Manchester, Slough and Coventry are just a fraction  of the cities and towns which will participate. International cities in India, New Zealand, Indonesia Austria, Norway, Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago are just some of the many participating countries.


The original inspiration was drawn from the hugely successful event held several years ago outside Google’s London headquarters where ordinary muslim members of the community gave fresh roses and messages of peace in central London. The event allowing engagement on a one to one basis with a wide cross-section of the local community. They spoke with individuals and shared the love and warmth of the teachings of the prophet Muhammed at the same time answering questions and clearing up misunderstandings.

Michael Hart in his book The 100: A ranking of the most influential persons in history, writes: “ My choice of Muhammad to lead the list of the most influential persons may surprise some leaders and may be questioned by others, but he was the only man in history who was supremely successful on both religious and secular levels”


Worldwide spokesperson said “The objective is to engage with local communities by promoting peaceful dialogue and spreading peace and understanding”. He added “It’s a very simple concept – offer a rose themed greeting card as a peaceful gesture to people and at the same time convey the true message of Islam. The card contains quotes from sacred text emphasising the mercy and peace which is central to the teachings of the Islamic faith. This can be viewed as an extension of giving the message of Islam and the celebration of the birth of the Prophet. It presents the beauty of his teachings and overall, the positive message of the true Islam and Muslims. “Islam is of the balanced middle way and always has been, and we need to reaffirm this position”, the spokesperson added.


In light of the barbaric acts committed throughout 2014 by people who have hijacked the pure teachings for their own end, the network sees this work as absolutely critical in presenting the true teachings of the faith practised worldwide by over a fifth of humanity.


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