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13th July 2014


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What is AWMB?

AWMB – is an organisation with the sole aim of connecting, championing and inspiring more Asian women to start and grow their businesses. Founded by Rupinder Kaur & Panna Chauhan, who collectively have 25 years business experience, because they felt there was just not enough support for women like them.  AWMB aims to empower like minded women with empathy and cultural understanding to fulfill their potential and pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. 

        Rupinder explains ‘we are a community that connects Asian Women both on and offline. Our aim is to provide a unique environment where women can experience empathy and understanding to share their business journeys and entrepreneurial dreams. We are finding that our women are connected by their cultural beliefs, their outlook but most importantly their desire to achieve success in the business environment whilst remaining true to their family, their culture and their faith.’ 

Why is it needed?

Rupinder says ‘we felt AWMB was needed because although we know the Asian community is entrepreneurial and has experienced great success, with British Asian businesses contributing between 6-10% of UK’s GDP despite only making up 4% of population. The Global Enterprise Monitor, 2005 showed that Asian women are three times more likely than white women to start a business. Black women are four times more likely than Asian women to start and grow their businesses. We wanted to find out why that was the case and recently commissioned ground breaking, pioneering research into the attitudes, motivations and thoughts of Asian women in business. We wanted to understand why the gap between black women engaging in entrepreneurial activity was significantly higher than Asian women.’


How we help entrepreneurial Asian women.

  • We hold networking events in London and Birmingham. We have inspirational female speakers who have started their own business; they share honestly their journey, struggles and successes! There is also an opportunity to meet and connect with other like minded women. 

  • We host a twitter chat #asianwomenmeanbiz every Wednesday 7-8pm. This is an online opportunity for women to connect with others from all over the UK and indeed the world from the comfort of their home!

  • We engage with others to represent and further push the needs and wants of our community. This includes political figures and organisations. We represent the voice of Asian business women.

  • We will be launching 3 programmes in the coming weeks that will specifically help Asian women to start or grow their business: Inspire is a monthly club, Ignite is a 6 month video based online training programme that will show women how to effectively start and grow their business covering everything from marketing, sales, how to use social media, setting up your business etc, and Immerse is our 6 month mastermind for women who want more exclusive help.

  • We are preparing our directory of suppliers that have been fully vetted and come recommended with AWMB seal of approval! This was important because both of us had previously felt that we had been ripped off by suppliers. We want women to start and grow their business knowing they have access to great advice that is good value and serves their best interests. 

  • We have a Facebook page that connects like minded women: and a Linkedin Group too: Asian Women Mean Business 


You can connect with us on Twitter on @_rkaur, @PannaSalesPro or @A_W_M_B or register for updates on our website 


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