Rising unemployment figures scupper downward


Birmingham Chamber Expressed Concern

West Midlands business leaders expressed concern following today’s announcement that unemployment in the West Midlands has risen to 8.2 per cent in the quarter from December to February, up from 8.1 per cent in the previous three months bringing the region’s total number of unemployed to 224,000.


Tim Pile, president of Birmingham Chamber of Commerce Group said: “This is disappointing news when previous figures have shown a downward trend.  The Midlands remains third only to the North East and the Humber in the unemployment league.


“The West Midlands has been disproportionately affected by unemployment during the recession but we have begun to see a return to stronger regional growth, with members telling us they will be taking on more staff.  Although what is hindering companies is the high skills deficit.


“The Chamber is actively working on a skills campaign which will forge stronger links between business and schools.


“Through working together with all the local further education colleges, the Chamber has formed a Further Education Consortium to ensure that students are engaged at a younger age.”


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