Ravi’s got the ‘Magic Touch’


Asian musician launching talent portal for aspiring magicians

IN today’s world of overnight fame, aspiring musicians, models and actors have numerous platforms to show off their talent to the masses. From reality TV shows to social networking sites like MySpace, putting your ‘art’ out there is easy.

But where do you go if you are a wannabe magician?

Ravi Mayar, magician, professional pickpocket and hypnotist to the stars has teamed up with Desitara.com to launch a talent portal to help give aspiring magicians a platform to break into the industry.

Titled ‘Magic with Mayar’, Desitara members are able to upload their own video content and images, as well as seek feedback and advice from established magician Mayar. A member of the prestigious Magic Circle, Mayar will also give his fans a weekly dose of entertainment, with exclusive video snippets of his unique brand of street entertainment.

Speaking about the portal, Mayar said: “I think this a fantastic way for anyone who is interested in magic as a career to get exposure, advice and feedback. This site is not just for magicians, but also for fans of magic who want to be mystified and entertained.”

Born in the UK but with an upbringing in Montreal Canada, Mayar has entertained in over 20 countries. His fast, visual style of magic is given a unique twist with elements of hypnotism and pick-pocketing, making him one of the most sought after magicians in the UK.

Visit www.desitara.com and go to the ‘Magic with Mayar’ page for magic, hypnotism and more!


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