Asian millionaire slams BNP Palace invite


‘There should be no place for the BNP at Buckingham Palace’, says Mo Chaudry

ASIAN entrepreneur and ‘Secret Millionaire’ star Mo Chaudry thinks that it is wrong that the BNP leader, Nick Griffin, has been invited to a Buckingham Palace garden party.

“The Queen has been gracious in inviting Nick Griffin because he is an MEP for the North West but he is a beaten political force and his politics are repugnant to most people,” said Mr Chaudry, who led a successful, one-man campaign to expose the discriminatory membership criteria of the BNP earlier this year.

“Griffin was trounced by Labour’s Margaret Hodge in Barking at the election and the BNP lost ground everywhere,” said Mr Chaudry. “He is quite rightly close to throwing in the towel and he has even announced his retirement for 2013.”

Mr Chaudry, from Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, had tried to join the BNP before the election but had had his membership publicly blocked. He had objected to clauses in the Party’s constitution that required prospective members to pledge support for the integrity of “the indigenous British people” and submit to a two hour interview with party officials.

Nick Griffin told the BBC Today programme at the time: “There is an Asian millionaire who has vowed to confront us and to wreck us. He will not be allowed to join because he is a trouble maker.”

Mr Griffin will attend the garden party on 22 July with his wife, Jackie, and his two daughters, Jennifer and Rhiannon.

Last year, he was due to attend a Palace garden party as a guest of his BNP colleague, Richard Barnbrook. Following a public outcry, he pulled out claiming he had “no wish to embarrass the Queen“.

One of the water slides in Mr Chaudry’s expansion plans at his WaterWorld aqua tourist attraction is to been named ‘The Griffin’ after the BNP leader.

“Because he is so wet,” said Mr Chaudry.


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