Planning your Wedding


Tips on how to plan your big day

Asian weddings are big, both in terms of the cost and the number of guests attending. The average of an English wedding is £18,000 while the average cost of an Asian wedding is estimated at £45,000.

Traditionally in English weddings, it was the father of the bride who used to be responsible for the cost of the wedding, this is now no longer generally the case, it is usually the couple themselves who are responsible for financing the biggest day of their lives. When it comes the Asian wedding however, it is the entire family which ‘chips in.’ Parents, brothers, uncles or anyone that is earning is expected to contribute. This of course helps in making the wedding a more grandeur affair.

With the huge costs involved, the number of guests arriving from all over the world and it being a hugely important day. It is imperative that everything is just right on the day. Planning therefore is the key. There are many good wedding planning software available which will help plan the day, from helping make a guest list to doing the seating plan. It is not unusual for couples to start planning their wedding at least 2 years ahead.

Use the internet for research. The internet is absolutely packed with ideas, there are couples who have set up websites before and after their weddings, reflecting on their experiences, there suppliers with new and exciting products to add flavour to your wedding. There are also wedding planners and consultants offering advice and help on how to avoid the most common mistakes. Spending an hour researching on the internet to compare prices, ideas and suppliers could save a lot of time and money.

One of the most important things to bear in mind is to know beforehand exactly how many people will be attending. This will give a better idea of the seating arrangements and the how much food your caterers will need to prepare. Though it may be fun to have big wedding with many guests, it is equally important to ensure that each guest who attends has a nice pleasant, enjoyable day, filled with fond memories.

The alternative to planning your own wedding is hire a wedding planner, at a cost they will take away all the strain of organising your wedding, allowing you to enjoy the more fun parts, such as shopping and sampling the food.


By George Ahmed


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