This year, Asda is celebrating its biggest Ramadan yet with 150 new product lines, more great deals and an easier shopping experience than ever before across the store.

As the holy month approaches, Asda is making it easier for customers to find what they need with dedicated Ramadan aisles in 150 stores, a +47% increase from last year. These stores are in key areas across the country, such as Wembley, Leicester and Sheffield, with seasonal displays featuring an extensive range of trusted brands at affordable prices. Making it quick and easy for customers to get their kitchen Ramadan-ready in just one shop at Asda.

Whether you’re looking for Halal products, tinned ingredients, frozen food, baked goods, fresh fruit and vegetables or even cookware, look no further than the variety and breadth of choice on offer, at selected Asda stores and online. From store cupboard essentials like 10kg Elephant Atta flour for £7, 10kg Laila Basmati rice at £14.50 and 10kg Trophy Basmati rice at £13. Plus, KTC’s 400g tins of chopped tomatoes, plum tomatoes, chickpeas and kidney beans which are all available at 4 for £2. Great offers on other popular items include 1kg Lancashire Farm Natural Bio Yoghurt for £1.60, 5l KTC Sunflower Oil for £8.50 and 4pk x 1l Rubicon Mango Fruit Juice for just £5.

More products to add to your basket include ready-to-use Indus Sauces in many favours including, Kebab House, Burger Sauce and Tamarind (£1.75 each or 2 for £3) and Royal Desserts Ras Malai (£2.75) and Gulab Jamun (£2.50) for delicious sweet treats. Customers can also pick up the George Home non-stick aluminium stockpot (32cm on offer for £12 and 24cm on offer for £7 until 22nd April) for making heart-warming family meals, as well as generously sized Kitchen Queen storers (3 piece set on offer for £13 until 22nd April) for storing household essentials.

New to Asda this year, ensuring there is something for the whole family, include Ramadan Countdown Calendarswith celebratory chocolate treats inside (£3 or 2 for £5) and The Desi Doll Company’s innovative, bi-lingual soft plush talking Muslim dolls (£30) that speak and sing in English and Arabic, providing a fun and unique way for young children to learn languages. There’s also around 18 lines of dates new to Asda (including multiple varieties, pastes and syrups) which are perfect for breaking the fast and gifting to friends and family.

Asda is proud to work with and support these brands and business owners, who have incredible stories. One of them is Farzana Rahman, who founded The Desi Doll Company in 2008 after noticing how the market lacked Islamic toys to teach children about religion and faith, in fun and interactive ways. Farzana says, “I left my banking career and designed Aamina and Yousuf. These are two interactive plush dolls that talk and sing when you press their hands, feet and nose! They teach children the basics of the Islamic faith in a fun and light-hearted way.”

Speaking about the listing in Asda, Farzana continues, “Having our toys in 150 stores across the UK means that our talking dolls can reach even more households. Asda customers now have the opportunity to discover our unique toys whilst doing their weekly shopping – how convenient is that!”

Paul Dudley, Director at Beacon Confectionary Ltd, believes it was important to introduce chocolate countdown calendars for Ramadan, after spotting a huge gap in the market and lack of variety available. Ramadan Countdown Calendars provide a highly engaging and interactive way to educate children on the significance of Ramadan.

Paul says, “this is the first year we have launched our products in Asda. By working with Asda, we are able to reach out to a wider audience, especially through its extensive Ramadan aisle.”

Sara International Ltd is also stocking its extensive range of Madina and Palestinian Medjoul dates for the first time in Asda. Founder, Osama Aziz, launched his business back in 1985, at a time when there was a lack of Arabic or/and Halal food widely available in the UK. On the importance of dates during Ramadan, Osama says, “on a personal level, I consider offering dates during Ramadan to Muslims, is a duty, and our success in doing so ha given us great joy!”

Commenting on the listing in Asda, Osama says, “it’s a great chance to reach a wider group of Muslims and I believe it will help us offer top-quality dates at affordable prices.”



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