Channel Punjab Shann Punjab Di’s charity for the Grand Finale of Mrs World Punjaban UK 2019 will be Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity

“There are so many charities doing some amazing work in the region, nationally  and internationally, as a father and grand father the children’s hospital really resonates with our event” confirmed Jasbir singh Derewal, Managing Director for Channel Punjab.

Miranda Williams, Public Fundraising Manager at Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity, said: “We’re absolutely thrilled that Mrs World Punjaban UK is supporting our charity. Our hospital plays an integral role in supporting and treating many children from our diverse communities, and the money raised at this prestigious event will help us to improve the hospital experience for our young patients and families.”

Mrs World Punjaban UK 2019 started its journey in Patiala last year followed by another contestant winning the crown in Dubai. All the contestants are married, divorced or widowed, now Mrs World Punjaban has come to the Untied Kingdom.

Each contestant over the past three months has been receiving task to complete on their own and with friends and family. All the footage will become a reality show. This is the first time such viewing will be available to Punjabis around the world as Channel Punjab has a global following on their YouTube channel.

There are two age categories 24 – 34 year old ladies and 35-45 year olds. One contestant from each category will walk away with the crown for Mrs World Punjaban UK 2019. This is happening at The Willows Hall in Willenhall on the 29th September 2019.

Birmingham Children’s Hospital is a world-leader in paediatric healthcare, offering expert care to over 90,000 children and young people from all across the UK every year.

Delivering some of the most advanced treatments, complex surgical procedures and cutting edge research, the hospital treats one in five children from Birmingham and one in eight children from the wider West Midlands – and each and every one of these patients will have benefited from the hospital’s charity in some way.

But the impact of fundraising on patient experience is much more than purely financial – it makes a real difference to the services the hospital provides to children and their families during difficult times.

It is only through the kindness, generosity and hard work of its supporters that the charity is able to continually strive to do more for its exceptional patients and young people.

“We have already received a number of donations for the raffle, which will raise funds at the Grand Finale” said Mr Derewal “Children’s vulnerability touches all our hearts. Little people are so brave. We are indeed very proud to be given this opportunity to raise funds for Birmingham Children’s Hospital”



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