A dangerous driver who drove into a police officer who had tried to stop him getting away has been jailed.

Aqeel Ishtiaq, 28, of Shirley Road, Hall Green, jailed for five years and 10 months after he admitted dangerous driving, causing serious injury, handling stolen goods and driving while disqualified.

Officers noticed Ishtiaq acting suspiciously near a Volkswagen Golf parked in Mill Lane in Solihull town centre and when quizzed he claimed he was not the driver.

When he returned to the vehicle PC Spencer Lunn and other officers tried to stop him driving off by surrounding the vehicle.

The officer, who was standing in front of the car, broke the car windscreen with his baton but Ishtiaq drove forward.

PC Lunn collapsed in pain and suffered a serious injury to his knee.

He was taken to hospital and discovered he suffered cruciate ligament damage to his knee in resulted him to be off work for 12 weeks.

Birmingham Crown Court heard Ishtiaq was on bail at the time after a previous episode of prolonged bad driving in a stolen car on June 25, 2017 and was banned from the roads for 10 years and 11 months.

In that incident he had tried to sell a stolen Audi A3, worth £30,000, to a man in Ireland and arranged to meet him at Birmingham Airport but the buyer became suspicious and contacted the police.

In passing sentence Judge Heidi Kubic said it had been a “professional and sophisticated” attempt to dispose of a stolen car and it was “prolonged bad driving placing other road users in severe danger.”

And referring to the incident with the police officer she said: “You did not respond to their verbal command to stop.

“You started your engine and made a determined attempt to get away.

“It was clear from the footage that you drove into Police Constable Lunn.”

Mohammed Afzal, defending, said “He stopped as soon as he realised he had caused the officer injury.

“He had the good sense to realise what he had done.”



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