The heart of the world famous Balti Triangle is to trial a one-way system to improve traffic flow.

Birmingham City Council is introducing the measures on a section of Ladypool Road, between the junction of Alder Road and Brighton Road, from this summer.

Cars will only be able to travel towards the city, while cyclists will be able to travel in both directions.

The one-way system will be in place for up to 18 months while the council assess feedback. If successful, the layout could be made permanent.

A statement on the council website reads: “Ladypool Road is a thriving local centre and part of the world famous Balti Triangle, with lots of local shops, restaurants, takeaways and other facilities.

“The road is quite narrow in some places and vehicles can often find it hard to pass each other. There is also limited space for parking and loading/unloading.

“Recent accident reports and speed surveys show there could be problems with safety along the road, especially at night.

“To address these issues, we are making a section of Ladypool Road one-way, between the junction with Alder Road and the junction with Brighton Road/Taunton Road.”

News of the scheme has been met with a mixed reaction on various neighbourhood Facebook sites.

Some welcomed the idea while others doubt it will tackle the heavy traffic flow.

One resident said: “I live around there and I agree it should be one way but they could do with extending it further to add more of the road.”

Another wrote: “Seems ridiculous. Since illegal parking is the only reason it’s hard to pass, why not just enforce parking laws instead?”

One local posted: “I don’t want cars coming down the side roads to cheat the one way system …. it will cause more problems.”


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