The demolition of the biggest eyesore in Dudley and its replacement with a new shopping and leisure centre to transform the town is likely to happen with weeks. There are big proposals for the land where Cavendish House stands.

The former office block, which stands on Porter Street, has stood derelict for years and has blighted the surrounding area.

Cllr Khurshid Ahmed, cabinet member for regeneration, planning and economic investment, said its final demise is at hand.

“Cavendish House is an eyesore and a blot on the landscape,” he said.

“We are making good progress in our plans to demolish it which is absolutely key to kick starting the development of that part of town.”

He added: “I have made it very clear that building needs to come down as quickly as possible, and we should be on site in the spring, with only a few administrative issues to complete.

“We had a very constructive meeting with the developers recently and we are making sure everyone sticks to timescales agreed, which is good news for the people of Dudley.

“Once it has been knocked down, it will pave the way for shops, bars, restaurants, a cinema, bus and metro links and much more – totally transforming that part of town.”

The tearing down of Cavendish House in Dudley could begin in March to make way for an £82 million redevelopment.


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