A sick perverted burglar who broke into a funeral parlour and had sex with a corpse has been identified as Kasim Khuram and will be sentenced on January 31.

Khuram, 23, of Kenilworth Road, Aston, broke into the Co-op site in Walsall Road, Great Barr and opened several coffins before choosing his victim and was not put off with the burglar alarm going off.

He admitted to sexual penetration with a corpse at Birmingham Crown Court.

Police arrived after the burglar alarm had been activated and Khuram was arrested at the scene.

Det Chief Insp John Askew from force CID, said: “This is an horrendous and disturbing act.

“Our thoughts remain with all those who have been affected by this crime.” Senior CPS prosecutor Baljinder Kaur , said: “This is an unusual case and it is difficult to imagine a more distressing violation of a loved one.

“On the strength of the case built by the police and CPS the defendant ultimately pleaded guilty and will now have to face the consequences.

“Our thoughts are with the families of the deceased.”

A spokesperson from Central England Co-operative said: “Our primary concern is for the families we serve and the welfare of our funeral colleagues who have all been deeply affected by this incredibly disturbing and unprecedented event. “The security measures at Great Barr are such that the alarm alerted the police, who were thankfully able to apprehend the suspect at the scene.

“We would like to thank the West Midlands Police for their care and assistance and we will work to support them in any way possible.

“We will not be making any further comment until the conclusion of this case.” Judge Francis Laird QC warned Khuram that he faced a substantial jail sentence.

He said: “You must be under no illusion that you will receive a sentence of imprisonment for your offending in this case, a substantial sentence of imprisonment.”


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