A Birmingham bodybuilder Syed Rahat Ali Shah is the first Asian to receive the men’s physique British champion Award 2018 at the UKBFF Federation and was in the top 6 at the Arnold Classic Europe in Barcelona.

For Shah, bodybuilding has been a tough career to maintain in an asian community. This is due to the pressures surrounding it.

Bodybuilding has never really been a major movement in my culture, therefore for me to pursue this was unheard of before.

The Bodybuilding community is extremely motivating due to competition and desire to be the best. Everyone has the same goal, to win, therefore it is a very competitive environment. However, people are willing to help you as much they can.

Without disciplined you will never achieve your goal. Set your goal, keep doing hard work with discipline. Make sure you diet, train and get enough sleep and hopefully you will see a big difference.

Prep-coach Nick Duffy Fitness said “Working with Syed Rahat Ali Shah, has been a whirlwind set of events with both ups and downs, physically but also mentality, the way contest preparation always is ‘if’ you’re working extremely hard round the clock.

He came to me with the desire, passion and dream to win the UKBFF British Finals Masters Men’s Physique. With my experienced expertise and support, alongside his uppermost self-discipline, motivation and willingness to bring the best shape to shape he ever has, we won the British Finals alongside a Top 6 finish at IFBB Arnold Classic.

I have great respect for Syed Rahat Ali Shah, although difficult at times, for such a commitment to his dreams and next time we’ll be peaking for the Arnold Classic towards winning his category.”


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