The Desi Roti and Khana kebab house in Smethwick has been hit with a huge court bill adding up to £9,600 after being charged for poor food hygiene.

Mr Abid Hussain, the owner of the kebab shop on the corner of Cape Hill and Montague Road has pleaded guilty to not keeping his premises clean, not protecting food against contamination, failing to implement pest control measures and not having a food safety system in place.

Abid will have to payout £2,000 for each offence (£8,000), plus a victims surcharge of £170 and full costs of £1,439.59. This amounts to a total of £9,609.59 which will have to be paid by 1 November.

Councillor Elaine Costigan, cabinet member for public health and protection, said: “Sandwell Council always takes food hygiene matters very seriously.

“We do work to support food businesses but in this instance, officers had no alternative but to take enforcement action because of the imminent risk of heath to the public.

“We welcome this sentence and hope that it acts as a deterrent to other food businesses that do not manage their businesses in compliance with the law.”

In response to the fine, Mr Hussain told Black Country Live: ”We closed voluntarily last year for three days until there were no signs of pests. The issue was caused by the bin strike in the area last year. We are are open seven days a week.”


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