A community of around 50 residents took to the streets to chase and catch a suspected burglar.

Amazing scenes caught on camera of a witness showing members of the neighbourhood watch and residents pouting out into the area in a bid to track down the alleged crook.

In video footage residents can be heard shouting “I think we’ve got him, I think we’ve got him” as they surround Canberra Road in Walsall on Saturday (May 12) afternoon.

A man was arrested when police arrived at the scene.

Residents surrounded the street, blocking off every possible escape route with their cars.

The local, who witnessed the whole arrest, said: “I looked out the window and saw a man jumping over a fence, I went outside to see what was happening.

“Neighbours had blocked off all escape routes with their cars. It was like the A-Team, they all jumped into action.

“One of the neighbours saw him in a garden and grabbed him.

“I was amazed how the local community were so quick to help each other, it’s not something you see a lot these days.”

Bally Sohal, who runs the Park Hall Street Watch committee highlighted the importance of such community groups.

Speaking after the successful arrest and huge turn-out, Mr Sohal said: “Because it’s a Saturday and because of the commotion, everybody’s come out and that just shows you the strength of the whole thing, because everybody’s come out to help today.”

In a message to the neighbourhood watch group PCSO Tim Littlehales said: “At approx 2.30pm on Saturday 12th May a burglary took place on Birmingham Road past the lights by the Bell pub.

“The offender broke into the property from the rear. Local residents from the Neighbourhood watch/Whatsapp group attended the location to try to locate the offender.

“Police officers also in attendance. The offender was caught in the rear garden of Charlesmont Road / Hobart Drive location.

“The offender was arrested for the offence and has been remanded to appear before the courts.

“This is great work from all the residents involved and I have only received positive messages from all the residents I have spoken to”.


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