Kiran Rai Teams up with Big Brother Star Chelsea Singh at India Fashion Week.


Celebrity Big Brother reality star Chelsea Singh and British media magnet Kiran Rai will be teaming up this weekend at the India Fashion Week to present with ICONIC London film production company and give exclusive interviews to all the models back stage across the carpet and ramp.

Kiran Rai was born in Nottingham but has moved all around the UK in his lifestime. He said:

“I am so pleased to work alongside production company ICONIC and Chelsea Singh. Hes a great guy and makes me feel great working with someone so talented.”

The event will be taking place at the Excell Centre in London from Saturday and Sunday and tickets are 10 pounds. There will be back stage interviews while Kiran and Chelsea roam around the venue and interview the founders, directors and of course the models. Chelsea Singh was on Big Brother and is a self made millionaire entrepreneur.

chelsea singh

Chelsea said: “I am happy to come to india fashion week and present in excell in the heart of London.”

There will be hundreds of fashion designers from the UK and India coming to the excel. 

 Interview with Kiran Rai

AT = How are you feeling Kiran?

KR = I’m feeling good, its nice to be able to come and present at my own heritage show for ‘India.’

AT = What advice would you give to other people?

KR = I worked very hard, I remember there were times where i was handing out CV’S in the middle of Soho outside private members clubs and Shoreditch while begging people to give me a job, I mean it was that bad. I’ve realised that if you want something so much in life and you need to get through it, you just need to speak up and get on with it, don’t think about how you’re going to do it, just do it.

AT = You suffer from anxiety, how is that now?

KR = I still have to remain calm and relaxed, I have my family around me and I’m becoming a better person. I used to think I was gods given talent and I’ve come to realised I’m a just a bloke who’s 24 and just having fun.



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