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Yesterday was an important day that would have affected the thoughts, feelings and emotions of thousands of students nationwide, positively with celebrations or negatively expressed with some disappointment if they are of those with a Fixed Mindset.

This year GSCE results have fallen dramatically across the board. This decline has been seen year on year since 2008, with 2016 results showing the biggest drop.

However I want to reassure parents and anxious students that life’s successes are still achievable and real with many options and opportunities available for those who have, or want to have, the Foundations for Success and a GROWTH MINDSET that will be the key to success in the lifelong learning journey ahead.

So what do I mean by ‘Foundations of Success’ and ‘Growth Mind-Set’?

Given my background in Construction, I see and imagine the Foundations of Success as the opportunity of having dinner at the top of a 600 foot tall tower and walking into an elevator to get to the top.  When arriving at the top, the elevator gives details of the height and other important data like how much the structure weighs. It weighs 12000 tonnes and 7000 of these tonnes are beneath the surface, to form solid and deep foundations. Knowing these facts, there is little wonder how we could get up so high, because it is the size of the foundations that determines the size of the structure. The deeper and wider the foundation, the higher the opportunity for that structure.

We must to teach our children to BE and BELIEVE before they can DO, but then THEY must DO before they can HAVE.

Careers don’t start when we complete our exams and graduate and get a job, because it begins well before children even start nursery.

Latest research in Emotional Intelligence and Brain Plasticity presses on the importance of character development and morals as well as developing high Self Esteem in younger people- for without it learning is impossible. The reality of Brain Plasticity proves that the brain and mind CAN change through Focused Repetition and Positivity and Motivation that is to be found in the silence of the mind.

Developing a Growth Mindset is believing that intelligence is not static, it can be developed with a desire to learn by developing a brain rhythm that embraces challenges and persists despites obstacles, learning from criticism.

Like everything else, the more good qualities we search for in ourselves and our children, the more good we will find. Opportunities are everywhere and endless, just develop the foundations that will give the ability to find them.

Ambreen Khan, Creative Programme Director, The Wonder of Learning



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