Ex-Aston Villa Player Tasered by Police

48-year-old Dalian Atkinson has died after being tasered by police in his home

Dalian Atkinson. Pic: Ipswich Town

At 1.30am last night, police in Telford were called to the house of former Aston Villa player Dalian Atkinson due safety concerns.

Atkinson was tasered by police and subsequently received medical attention but was pronounced dead at 3am.

According to paramedics, he went into cardiac arrest in the ambulance on the way to a hospital.

A spokesman for the West Midlands Ambulance Service said “As he was being conveyed to Princess Royal Hospital, his condition deteriorated and he went into cardiac arrest.

“Despite the efforts of the crew and hospital staff, it was not possible to save him and he was confirmed dead at hospital, shortly after arrival.”

The incident has been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

The footballer’s career spanned sixteen years, during which he played for Aston Villa, Ipswich Town and Sheffield Wednesday.

Aston Villa tweeted “RIP Dalian Atkinson. You’ll never be forgotten!”


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