RAF Helicopter Fire on Snowdonia

A technical problem has led to a helicopter catching fire atop Wales Mountain

Copyright: Huw Price

At approximately 1.45pm, emergency services were called to Yr Aran, a mountain peak towards the south of Snowdon.

An air ambulance, firefighters, police and a coastguard helicopter were all called to Watkin Path, Llanberis, which heads to the summit of the mountain.

Additional support came from mountain rescue teams and an air exclusion zone was put into effect in the area.

Witnesses saw flames 3m high and a tower of smoke was seen rising from the summit. These pictures have since circulated all throughout social media.

The helicopter, a Griffin training helicopter, suffered a technical issue which forced it to land atop Snowdonia.

A Ministry of Defence spokesperson said “all four people on board exited safely, subsequently the aircraft caught fire.”

Copyright: Huw Price
Copyright: Huw Price


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