Ruthless Attack on Pet Dog

A Birmingham man, who was filmed savagely beating his pet dog with a wooden pole, nearly killing him, has been jailed.

Samson the dog after being beaten with a pole

Joginder Singh, was filmed repeatedly thrashing his Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Samson, with a pole until he punctured his lung.

When the RSPCA salvaged Samson, he was beaten to such a degree that he could not move. He was in a lot of pain and was close to death.

The 42-year-old was jailed by Birmingham Magistrate Court for three months after he pleaded guilty to two counts of causing unnecessary distress and one offence of failing to meet the dog’s needs.

Sam was seen by a member of the community attacking the dog with a pole in October last year. Singh, wearing a white T-shirt raises the bar above his head and rapidly shouts as he beats the vulnerable brown and black dog. Samson is cornered and yelps in pain as he is attacked by his owner.

Footage of the attack was given to the RSPCA. Samson is now in the care of RSPCA, recovering from his suffering.

RSPCA Inspector Mike Scargill, who investigated the traumatic case  said: “Singh was seen repeatedly hitting the dog with a pole in a completely unprovoked attack.

“When I visited Singh, Samson was in a bad way and he could not move. I had to carry him out to my van. At the vets, it was found that his ribs had punctured his lung. The poor dog was in such a lot of pain and he was in a bad way – we didn’t think he was going to make it.

“But thankfully, he is doing fantastically now. He is in our care, and he has been getting a lot of love and affection.

“Today, he is a happy and lively dog. It is hard to believe that he is the same dog which I had to carry into my van eight months ago.”

Mr Singh was also banned from keeping animals for 10 years and given orders to pay £300 in charges.


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