Ramadan Bus Campaign

Islamic Relief have started a new campaign with the Buses in the West Midlands.


West Midlands Buses will be sporting slogans praising Allah with the words “Subhanallah” which means, “Glory be to God” in Arabic that have been designed and paid for by Islamic Relief. Their logo sits on the poster, raising awareness for their charity as well as the month of Ramadan.

The campaign will be coinciding with the holy month of Ramadan in June, when Muslims fast and give Zakat (charity). Fasting and Zakat are one of the five pillars of Islam, which all Muslims must confer and take part in.

Islamic Relief believe that the posters will help to raise funds for victims of war and disasters in countries such as Syria, and portray Islam in a positive light.

Director of Islamic Relief, Imran Madden said: “There is a lot of negativity around Muslims. We want to change the perception of Islam. The campaign is about breaking down barriers and challenging misconceptions.”

England cricketer Moeen Ali is reported to be supporting the initiative, which is set to run from May 23.



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