About Camran Khan

Camran Khan is the Director of Technology at brightLET, an innovative community platform that connects landlords with would-be tenants.

Featured among the top CTOs in 2015, the full-time business professional and part-time landlord is all about thinking beyond the status quo.

Driven by his values of intelligence, energy and integrity, brightLET’s founder loves encouraging and supporting both people and businesses to reach their potential. Adept at streamlining operations and increasing efficiency to reap a reward in profit margins, the savvy businessman’s greatest achievement saw him help a corporate company save £1.2 million.

Inspired by a vision to create a community platform, with brightLET Camran aspired to create a cloud-based 360 solution to cover all aspects of the letting process.

About brightLET

A secure paperless solution, brightLET saves time and unnecessary costs for both landlords and tenants by cutting out letting agents and eliminating paperwork. Handling all documentation associated with letting, the service gives landlords the tools to directly and interactively manage their tenancies and properties.

Features you can enjoy with brightLET:

  • KEEPING UP-TO-DATE: Landlords and tenants can track, send and respond to messages, appointments and reminders without intruding on their personal lives
  • EASY ACCESS: Landlords can manage a tenancy agreement from start to finish from your desktop or on the go from a mobile device no matter where you are in the world.
  • STORAGE SOLUTIONS: Landlords can store important documents relating to each property in a secure environment, affording instant access and convenient share options
  • EFFICIENT MANAGEMENT: Landlords can manage multiple tenancies under one property – so great news for HMOs

And much more!


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