Kiran Rai


Birmingham model takes the world by storm


A young British Indian teenager has taken the world by storm.

Supermodel Kiran Rai has become the new face of the Chicago and UK-based clothing brand, ‘Future Cut Cloths’.

Also a global actor, he has not only created shows in the heart of the west end or produced comedy chat shows in the UK but has also led fashion weeks around the UK.

While some British teenagers are sitting at home figuring out what lies before them, the top model for Birmingham fashion week, Kiran Rai, flew to Dubai recently to lead the Shanghai Fashion Week. Sponspored by China Home Life, Kiran became the only male on the catwalk to lead with 5 Russian super models to showcase Shanghai’s newest range from women’s to men’s.

He also became the television presenter for China Home life for the 3-day event starting from 7th – 10th December, where he hosted the entire event, and was greeted by the Abu Dhabi Sheikh from UAE.

We can certainly see that there could be a light for this artist, having not only become a tool in the industry but a product that the fashion industry and performing industry will utilise at any means possible.

Kiran Rai has not only modeled for catwalks but has also appeared in numerous music videos and adverts. People around the world admire his courage and hard work, where 5 months ago he stood outside Waterloo station raising money for his film, which has dropped in Sri Lanka, the award-winning actor has since moved onto bigger projects.


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