Diwali In The Square


London-based K’z Dance Entertainment celebrated Diwali alongside thousands

Diwali or Deepawali (festival of lights) is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated in Autumn of every year. This year K’z Dance Entertainment Ltd (www.kzdance.co.uk) was honoured to be invited to perform Raas-Garba & Dandiya Dance, an Indian Gujarati folk dance, for Diwali 2015 at Trafalgar Square.

Kalpesh Zalavadiya director of K’z Dance Entertainment of Edgware believes the traditional folk dance of Gujarat should be enjoyed by a wider audience as it’s a great way to keep fit and join in with the celebrations with lots of fun.

The dance is generally played with two decorated sticks and represents a mock fight between the goddess Durga and the demon Mahishasura. Wearing colourful traditional costumes featuring embroidered mirror work, Kalpesh’s dancers performed intricate steps and dazzled the audience with their energetic choreographed style striking the sticks to the rhythm of the beats.

Supported by the Mayor of London, the free public event was enjoyed by all nationalities coming together to celebrate Diwali.

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