The Making of MODUS


How the Dream of Two Friends Became a Reality

A vision seen by two friends was quickly transformed into a reality by their passion. Based in the Midlands, Modus combines a collaboration of Western and Indian fused instruments. Aimed at all occasions, the group can transform all events into memorable moments. Filling the air with energy and sound of music, the core of Modus is based around the Dhol. We use the natural energy of the instrument and adapt it with a western vibe providing individuals with an energetic and unique performance.

How did the idea come about?

Modus is a vision created by two friends Satnam Rooprai and Mitesh Joshi. Satnam and Mitesh have both been playing Dhol for many years and attended many weddings as guests.

We noticed there was a gap in the market for a high class entertainment experience for customers. Although there are many drum and Dhol groups in and around the UK, Modus is a professional and exclusive group which focuses on the entire performance around the guest’s experience. To ensure that the performance is of an upper class nature, Modus employed the highly recognised BBC Asian Network Radio Presenter Dipps Bhamrah to produce and create the backing music that Modus performs to.

How do you define what you guys actually do?

Modus offers a musical entertainment service. Modus offers all clients the entry level package, which consists of an entrance / escort service with Dhol drums into the venue of choice followed by an interactive Dhol performance with the DJ. The Dhol performance consists of fusing together Bhangra music, English dance music and also Hip Hop & RnB music. With the combination of energies from the carefully selected music and sound of the drums Modus ensures to keep all guests continually dancing!

Coming from a business background, what made you venture into the music industry?

Although we both come from business backgrounds, we both firmly believe that everyone should have a hobby, irrespective of what background you operate within. Hobbies are an important part of our lives and help us take our minds away from our daily working life in order to concentrate on some of the finer things in life, like music and family. Fortunately, we both absolutely love music, we listen to it, we watch it, we play it and we breathe it, with special attention to live music. We both thought that with our passion for music and a gap in the market, we should try to portray the love we have for music to others so that they can enjoy music in the way we enjoy it and that was when Modus was born.

Looking back at your first performance, how did it feel?

It was quite surreal as to what we had created. It was quite rewarding and fulfilling to see people enjoy our performance as much as we enjoyed performing for our guests. The vision that we have for Modus is to ensure at all times that the energies from our perfomances are reflected back into the energies of our guests and this was noticeably evident in our first performance and true to our values.

What would the ideal musical dream for you be?

Modus would thrive to be performing consistently on a UK level as well as an international level whilst also collaborating with some of the best artists and musicians in the industry and being able to perform on the some of the biggest stages possible. However, our biggest dream would be for the Modus brand to be well recognised and respected across the industry.





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