Pachys out of Containment!


Guzzy Bear Addresses Racist Jurassic World

A Small Heath comedian has called for a boycott of blockbuster movie Jurassic World has for unintentionally using a racist word. Mobeen, also known as Guzzy Bear, has used a hilarious YouTube video to draw attention to the first five minutes of the movie said, “the Pachys are out of containment.”   


The Pachycephalosaurus (pronounced pak-ee-sef-a-low-sor-us) is a real species of dinosaur which lived during the late Cretaceous period, 76 – 65 million years ago.


Describing the moment he heard the line, Guzzy said, “I turn up to the cinema and I’m sitting there and there’s an elderly white couple here and young white couple on the left hand side. 


‘In the first five minutes of the film that chick says – yo the ‘P**is are out of containment.

‘We looked at eachother and the elderly man turned to us and gave us a smirk bro. Like it’s legit for him to do that. So we’re confused about what she’s going on about on that massive screen.


‘And the next man goes the P**is are out of containment again. I was shocked bro, apparently there’s a dinosaur called P**isaurus.


‘We’re looking at eachother like – what the hell is a P**isaurus.’ He then goes on to tell viewers to boycott the movie.


The video has gone on to be viewed over 200,000 times and shared thousands of times on social media.


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