10-Year-Old 162 Mensa Score


British Boy Scores Record Test Result

A 10-year-old British boy has achieved the highest-ever score on the Mensa IQ test. After getting his results, Aahil Jouher, from Blackburn, became the youngest person to achieve the accomplishment and puts him in the 1% of the world’s population who have gained the result.


According to the 10-year-old, he enjoys reading and wants to be a scientist when he is older and “loves to invent things in his free time.”


“I like inventing things, most of the time they go wrong. I’m building a small computer at the moment; let’s just say it’s a work in progress.”


However, Aahil said, “After taking the test, he felt he could have done better. “I could have done better”. “I was really quite surprised. I thought I was just like every other ordinary kid.”


Father, Dr Jouher Kallingal, said he hadn’t expected him to do so well. “We decided to send him for the test when he was 10-and-a-half. When we got the results I rang Mensa to ask what it meant and they explained he had got the top score of 162.”


“We had not wanted him to worry so we only told him about it the day before so he wasn’t under any pressure. I told him where to look at some practice papers, but I doubt very much he looked at them. When we found out the score, we just think it is absolutely wonderful.”



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