Faith Action Manifesto


Topic is “Too Significant to Ignore”

FaithAction, a national network of faith-based organisations, has entered the election debate with their own manifesto. The manifesto contains seven proposals aimed at politicians, policy makers and funders with the aim of securing stronger partnerships to help faith groups better serve society. Among the seven proposals is a request for all local authorities to adopt the Covenant developed by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Faith & Society.


Birmingham and Leeds City Councils are the first two authorities to adopt it. Other proposals include implementing the social value act with the help of faith groups, and a bold proposal to appoint a Cabinet level minister for faith based organisations.


Daniel Singleton, National Executive Director of FaithAction, said: “The Manifesto, written with input from FaithAction’s members, has some clear challenges and opportunities for central and local government. The role of faith groups and their ability to engage with grassroots social action cannot be ignored in the policy and decision making process. The great work being done by faith groups can go so much further with the right level of partnership and support”.


Rt Hon Stephen Timms MP, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Faith & Society says: “I welcome publication of this manifesto, supporting the provision of public services by faith-based organisations. Faith groups are at the forefront of vital work in our communities. Their contribution should be better known, and the next Government should give them better support.”


You can read the Faith Manifesto at and follow the discussion with the Twitter hashtag #faithmanifesto


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