Devastating Hammer Attack on Sisters


The Vicious Assault Took Place in Cumberland Hotel, London

A trio of sisters and their children endured a vicious hammer attack in their hotel room.

Coming from the United Arab Emirates, Ohoud Al-Najjar, Khulood Al-Najjar and Fatima Al-Najjar, stayed in adjoining rooms in Cumberland Hotel in Marble Arch.

Philip Spence, 32, carried out the “vicious and sustained” assault.

Fatima, 31, awoke to her sisters screams, “He was hitting her really hard. He brought his hand above his head and down,” she told the jury.

“I just got out of my bed and went to her trying to stop him. He just started attacking me.”

She received damage to her skull, ear and facial nerves. The children hid under the covers in fear during the incident.

Ohoud, staying in the next room, lost part of her brain, can no longer speak and had to have one eye removed.

Police and paramedics described the scene as “horrific” upon arrival.

Spence admits the attack, but denies three counts of attempted murder and conspiracy to commit aggravated burglary.

The trial continues.


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