Two Rival Beauty Queens Awarded ‘Miss Birmingham’ Title


Rival beauty queens left confused when both are bestowed Miss Birmingham Title

Two rival beauty pageant organisations have awarded the title of Miss Birmingham to two separate contestants, causing much confusion to the beauty queens and leaving bosses livid.


Kris’tina Jagpal, aged 26 from Edgbaston, was crowned Miss Birmingham in Leicester last week by the Miss Great Britain beauty pageant, a title which had already been awarded three months earlier by rival outfit Miss England.


Bosses of the Miss England beauty pageant are furious over the matter, and insist that there is only one official Miss Birmingham – Katie Stamps, a 21-year-old construction worker from Kidderminster.


The regional director of Miss England for the West Midlands, Rachel Barker, said: “I am livid.


“We could not afford the £25,000 to challenge this through the courts.


“They have no right to use the term, but unless we take them through the High Court in a costly battle we can’t do anything.”


Rachel says that would-be entrants are extremely confused over the existence of two different beauty pageant queens holding the same title.


“I also had Katie on the phone utterly confused, asking if she’s still Miss Birmingham,” she added.


To further confuse the matter, Kris’ina has previously held the title of Miss Birmingham in Miss England’s version of the beauty competition in 2012. She later criticised the Miss England beauty pageant’s organisers for excluding mums and married women from participating in the contest.


Kris’ina said that despite there being two holders of the title last year, no problems arose.


She added: “When you win a pageant the last thing you want is all this. I was shocked to be honest. I’m a nice person, I get along with everybody.


“I’m happy to work with another Miss Birmingham.”


Katie said: “Since winning the Miss Birmingham title I have put my all into representing the city and to change perceptions of what a beauty pageant means”.


She added, “I cannot believe something like this would come to jeopardise all the hard work”.


The national director of Miss Great Britain, Kate Solomons, said that she has the right to run her own beauty pageant, having paid for the right to own Miss Great Britain from the Miss Tourism World organisation.


She added that she did not need a license to hold a competition for the Miss Birmingham title.


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