Asama Javed Has Written an Open Letter to Prime Minister

With the economy taking us on a roller-coaster ride, concerns about the immovability within the employment market, influx of migrants from the neighbouring Eastern Europe, talks of incompatibility between different cultures. Coupled with allegations of racially motivated sexual grooming, the country has never been faced with more challenging times. Yet a Panorama programme broadcasted in February 2014, (Immigration Undercover: The Student Visa Scandal ) has exasperated those challenges and placed a shadow of doubt over the entire immigration process.


An outstanding Solicitor from Yorkshire is now calling on all concerned parties to concentrate their efforts in creating an independent think tank that can autonomously and unbiasedly thrash out a respective and amicable solution to the current Immigration fiasco.


Asama Javed, a Partner with over thirteen years’ experience at Reiss Solicitors (Bradford), whose work has been used as country guidance, has written an open letter to over twenty ministers, including the Home Secretary and The Right Honourable Prime Minister himself.


Writing to ministers, the award winning solicitor has pointed out how the current rules, regulations and dissimilarity in decision making has offended and actually breached the British Citizens rights.


Admittedly stating that the current immigration system does warrant rigorous controls, Mrs Javed has called for the discrepancies in decision making to be abolished. Explaining further that when an illegal person states they are in a mere relationship with an E.E.A. national they are permitted to start work immediately. Yet if that same illegal subject was to marry a British Citizen he/she would have to qualify under the Immigration Rules. Citing further examples Asama has highlighted the need for uniformity in rules in order to reduce the illegal migration and curb the number of employers recruiting and abusing illegal migrants.


Asama’s is asking for any working group or committee responsible for advising the home office to be selected from grass root level: “we have to ask ourselves how many of these people making recommendations originate from grass root level. Live or have lived in council estates. Understand what the average realistic income level is. Such consultation should take place at a representative level, with and from the people it affects. The Home Offices leap from the income support yardstick to the current disproportionate £18,600 a year, is a clear cut example of the current lack of  understanding “. 


Asama Javed explains the Panorama investigation reveals how; “if people want to, they will always find the means to meet the income and documentation requirement. Increasing the threshold level does not safeguard against Sham or forced marriages”.


Asama Javed comes from a family that prides itself with being upholders of civic rights. Her father a highly qualified Pakistani accountant came into England in 1960s, whilst her grand father who fought for the British Army during the Second World War, was the president of the Pakistan Peoples Party. Such was the influence of the family that when the former Prime Minister (now sadly demised) Benazir Bhutto was ousted from Pakistan she was sheltered by Asama’s family in Bradford. “Perhaps I was influenced from Benazir, because like the labour party the Pakistan People Party are a party that fight for people’s rights “.


Asama was the first Solicitor to highlight and bring the concept of male domestic violence to the forefront. In 1990 despite being in office for a mere six months , the Leeds Law Society recognised   Mrs Javed for her outstanding work in the family courts as she was acknowledged as   “ The best newcomer solicitor “. In 2001 Asama was a strong contender in The Asian Women’s Achiever Awards.


A successful councillor who has umpteen achievements under her belt, a school governor of a school that was initially written off but last year was awarded the TES outstanding Primary School, Asama is a very passionate individual who aims to contribute towards the safeguarding and improvement of the current immigration system.


Asama’s petition has been received by over hundred concerned parties both within the government and private sector, with a strong stream of support Asama is now looking at inviting the decision making bodies to Yorkshire with a view of hosting an open debate.


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