Renowned Chef Nitisha Patel unveils a Culinary Masterpiece with the Relaunch of ‘Recipes From My Indian Kitchen’.

Esteemed chef and culinary artist, Nitisha Patel, is set to captivate the taste buds of food enthusiasts around the world with the relaunch of her acclaimed cookery book. Formerly known as ‘My Modern Indian Kitchen,’ the book has undergone a transformation and is now reintroduced as ‘Recipes From My Indian Kitchen.’

This culinary gem showcases Chef Nitisha’s innovative take on traditional Indian recipes, combining authentic flavours with a modern twist. The relaunch not only brings a fresh title but also features updated content, additional recipes, and a visually stunning design to enhance the overall culinary experience for readers.

Recipes from My Indian Kitchen is a collection of inviting Indian recipes to cook at home, including street food and snacks, curries and rice, and the all-important chutneys and raitas, as well as lightly spiced desserts.

Magical spice powders, sizzling dried whole spices, noisy popping saucepans, aromatic smells, colorful foods… this is what sums up great home-cooked Indian food. In this book, Nitisha walks you through a myriad of spices to understand how each one adds flavor, as well as how they complement each other for different dishes. The excitement, freshness, and snack-friendly appeal of street food leads to an explosive mixture of flavors in recipes for Fish Pakoras, Smokin’ Fiery Chicken Wings, Deep-fried Spiced Potato, Samosa Chaat, and Dhokla Muffins. The beauty of curry is that nothing defines what makes a good curry—recipes vary meaning that the possibilities are endless. Nitisha’s recipes for curry include Keralan Shrimp Curry, Uncle Rambo’s Goat Curry, Paneer Kadhai, and Gosht Aloo Saag Masala. Celebratory dishes are also here, with Masala Grilled Lobster, Tandoori Spatchcock Poussin, and Hariyali Salmon. While vegetarian dishes are great as sides and entrées: try a variety of dhals, Channa Masala, and Pili Pili Chips. And if all that wasn’t feast enough, finish up with some sweet treats, such as Pistachio and Rose Water Ice Cream, and Mango and Mint Kulfi.

Recipes From Indian Kitchen is currently available to preorder from Amazon and any leading retail bookstore and will be launching on February 13th 2024


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