On June 2, 2023, Birmingham celebrated the grand opening of the new Ackers Community Hub, marking the culmination of 21 years of dedicated service to the community. The Birmingham Youth Sports Academy (BYSA) finally has a place to call home. The opening ceremony was attended by distinguished guests, including council members, business professionals, and dignitaries, with over 100 people present to witness the ribbon-cutting event.

BYSA serves as a beacon of hope, empowering young individuals and fostering personal growth through the dynamic integration of sports, apprenticeships, and education. Prepare to be captivated by this remarkable collaboration that unleashes limitless potential, creating an inspiring platform for transformation with the support of our ambassadors, partners, and dedicated supporters.

The vision of BYSA is to empower young people through sports, leadership development, and apprenticeships/educational programs. Together, with our ambassadors, partners, and supporters, we are working in harmony to build a world where young minds can thrive and dreams can become a reality.

The academy’s facilities have been expanded, allowing them to cater to a larger number of young individuals and broaden their services. Generous charitable donations played a pivotal role in renovating classrooms for mentoring programs and seminars, establishing a dedicated office for career guidance, and creating an environment that nurtures academic development. These initiatives not only promote physical and mental well-being but also provide invaluable resources for young people seeking employment, apprenticeships, and educational opportunities.

However, BYSA’s impact extends beyond the walls of the academy. They aspire to reach out to the wider community, embracing both youth and adults who can benefit from the life-changing services provided by the academy. Their collaborative efforts are focused on unlocking potential and creating enduring transformations that resonate physically, mentally, academically, and emotionally.

The story of BYSA is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance. What started as a small group of children playing football at Small Heath Park has blossomed into a vibrant hub for youth sports at Small Heath Leisure Centre. Today, the academy caters to young individuals aged 6 to 18, offering professional coaching sessions tailored to their respective age groups. With over 400 young participants attending weekly sessions, BYSA has become an indispensable pillar of the community, instilling values of teamwork, leadership, and physical fitness.

In their unwavering commitment to inclusivity, BYSA has gone above and beyond by establishing a dedicated project for girls and women. This incredible initiative encourages young women to embrace sports, promoting active lifestyles and nurturing a genuine passion for the game. Guided by inspiring female volunteers, the project aims to develop the abilities of girls and women and open doors to tournaments and leagues. Additionally, BYSA’s expansion includes the creation of a Center of Excellence, showcasing their dedication to nurturing talent and providing young athletes with opportunities to advance their sporting careers.

However, BYSA’s commitment to holistic youth development doesn’t stop there. They recognise the importance of mentorship and educational support. Their mentoring programs, designed for members aged 12 to 18, focus on improving academic and career prospects. Through personalized guidance and skill-building, young individuals are equipped with the necessary tools to shape their future success. Moreover, BYSA’s educational tutoring program supplements academic skills in English and Math, with dedicated volunteers offering invaluable support to students.

Paul Cadman, the Chairperson of BYSA, expressed his admiration for the tremendous work done by the female and male coaches in launching the boys’ and girls’ project. He expressed enthusiasm for its continued growth, along with plans for vocational and educational trips, mentoring classes, tutoring programs, and expanding youth participation in league football and tournaments. He extended his gratitude to Street Games, Sports Birmingham, Big Lottery Fund, Heart of England, PHTA, West Midlands Combined Authority, Birmingham City Council

For more information about partnership with BYSA please get in contact with Anwar khattak on 07890695284


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