Award winning Radio/TV presenter and UK household name Noreen Khan has been confirmed as team co-owner of the Derby Crusaders IPLSOCCER team alongside super power couple Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly of Pakistan.


Sany Supra, Founder & CEO of IPLSOCCER states, “We are extremely privileged to unveil such a fabulous partnership and lineup, of the sensationally fantastic and young power couple of Pakistan Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir, and UK’s very own supertalented Noreen Khan as the celebrity co-owners of the Derby Crusaders team. We are so proud to be able to take the IPLSOCCER brand to as many different Countries and audiences as we already have, with the strong support, passion and interest from such talented and likeminded popular individuals as these. Watch this space”.


Team co-owner Noreen Khan said, “I am delighted to be co-owner of Derby Crusaders and to be a part of the IPLSOCCER. As a huge fan of football I love that this tournament will engage more British Asians to play and then hopefully get recognised and spotted to play at a professional level. Just having this tournament will be fantastic in getting young people to become more active and the more football can only be a good thing!”


IPLSOCCER is an annual televised tournament that will take place in June 2020, the venue announcement and tickets to see your favourite stars will go live in the coming weeks.


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