Rival Campaigners Debate EU Issue

Promoters for both the ‘remain’ and ‘leave’ campaigns in the EU Referendum battled against one another again in a Kidderminster debate on the issue.

Mark Garnier MP with EU Referendum rival Raaj Shamji

Wyre Forest MP Mark Garnier, who is supporting the ‘remain’ campaign and ‘leave’ campaigner Raaj Shamji put forward their cases in a crowded meeting at Baxter Church.

The event was arranged by Churches Together in Kidderminster and Transition Kidderminster and directed by Rector Hugh Burton.

Both Mr Garnier and Mr Shamji were asked questions from the audience, as well as questions that were succumbed preceding the debate.

They both felt that they were able to put their argument across, ahead of the vote which takes place on Thursday 23rd June.

Mr Garnier said: “I put the point that we will be better off in the EU, doing what this country has done for hundreds of years: leveraging our place in the world by taking advantage of international opportunities.

“We trade with the rest of the world anyway – always have done, always will do will – but we do it better as a result of our EU membership.

“Turning away would be to succumb to little England instincts and that is not the British way.”

And Mr Shamji said: “People are sick and tired of listening to so called expert forecasts and their ambiguous plans.

“I focused on the genuine simple notion of Britain taking control and having the confidence to be independent of a union that hinders growth and partnerships beyond the 28 European Union members.

“We need to focus on having a can do attitude and stop listening to the scaremongers’ stories of an economic disaster.”


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