GMB Dispute Leads To Reprieve For Sick Pay Scheme At Birmingham City Council

Birmingham City Council has confirmed to GMB that changes to the sick pay have been removed from a set of proposed changes to terms and conditions.


As a result of the Government’s slashing of Local Government budgets, the Council put forward a range of proposed changes to terms and conditions as part of the budget proposals for 2016 to 2018.

The changes included a proposal to withdraw from the nationally agreed sickness scheme that would have meant workers at the council and in schools would lose pay for the first 3 days of any period of sickness and have their sick pay entitlement reduced by half.

GMB had lodged a dispute and begun preparations to ballot members on this issue.

Gill Whittaker, GMB Organiser, said, “GMB has continued to talk to the Council since we lodged the dispute. We’ve had some full and frank discussions. We’re really pleased that these have led to today’s outcome.

There are still issues around the other proposed changes to terms and conditions. GMB aren’t in agreement with these, but we will continue talking to the Council through the consultation period to try and achieve the best outcome for our members.

In the meantime, the council’s decision resolves our dispute and is a victory for GMB and our members.


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