Sikhs Protest In London


Event in remembrance of the killing of peaceful Sikh protesters in Punjab

Over a thousand Sikhs are taking part in a peaceful sit down protest on Thursday 22 October outside the Indian High Commission in London from 12 noon to 4pm.  Ironically the protest coincides with the Indian holiday of Dussehra that marks the triumph of good over evil.

The protesters will recreate the scenes from a week ago when the Punjab Police used lethal force against the peaceful Sikh protesters while they were undertaking their morning prayers in Kotkapura.

In appalling and horrific scenes hundreds of Sikhs exercising their democratic right to peacefully assemble and protest were beaten, dragged away and arrested.

The police initially used batons to attack thousands of the peaceful protestors and then resorted to use of water cannons to try and disperse protesters.  Later they opened fire with live ammunition killing two unarmed Sikh protesters and injuring dozens of others.

Protests followed the desecration of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, the Sikh Holy scriptures or the living Guru of the Sikhs.  They demanded the arrest of those responsible for the desecration.

Protests have spread throughout the Punjab and para-military forces have been deployed by the Punjab government to try and hold on to power.

Many have recalled the events of 1984 when there was a complete disregard for Sikh lives and widespread police and army brutality.


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