‘Simply Being’ Mental Health Initiative Launched


Project Launched By Football Coach Manisha Tailor

Football Coach, Manisha Tailor launched her Mental Health initiative, Simply Being project at Wingate & Finchley Football Club today. It was apt that the launch of such a project would fall on both non league day – where fans across the country were trundling through the gates of their local sides – but also, more aptly, Mental Health Awareness Day.

The launch was attended by youths affected by Mental Health, who Manisha aims to support and encourage in playing sport through this project. Personal experience has allowed Manisha to understand how someone affected by Mental Health can be impacted and how difficult such problems are to overcome. One such young man called Obinna said, “I had fun, it was cool. I’d love to do it again. I used a lot of energy and had lots of fun today. It showed me that I need to get outdoors more and play football. I really want to come to another session.”

Obinna’s carer, from Lifeways, had this to say; “I think it is so important to have projects like this for outside interaction and the wellbeing of these youths. They have the chance to engage with other members of the community, play sports and keep fit – just their general wellbeing. People should definitely fund this project as it prevents those affected by Mental Health from becoming sedentary or becoming couch potatoes. Thanks to Wingate & Finchley, they also get to watch their local side play football and it gives them something to aspire to when playing.”

Agencies such as Lifeways deal with many cases of people of all ages who suffer from Mental Health issues and struggle to find an outlet in which they can express themselves and open up. In the case of these youths, a chance to play football even once a month would be immensely beneficial to their mental wellbeing as well as physicality, allowing for a healthier lifestyle.

Manisha was very excited about the launch of Simply Being, with the vision of expanding the coaching sessions and attracting people from across the borough of Barnet. She said, “For me, it’s very close to home. My twin brother, who suffers from Mental Health issues, inspired me to start the project, as it was our mutual love for football that allowed him to open up. I call this my project of hope as my brother is now able to come down and play football with others, but also as it helps others in the borough to feel included and live a healthy lifestyle. There’s definitely a taboo about Mental Health and it’s severity, I really hope this project can unleash and empower these young people to feel they are included within society.”

With a solid turnout for the first session, the hope for Manisha, Lifeways and Wingate & Finchley FC is that more young people in the Borough of Barnet are encouraged to attend the sessions and not only have an outlet to escape from their Mental Health, but also to lead fit, healthy and active lifestyles. With adequate funding, this project has the ability to become a nationwide one and there is arguably no better person to take Simply Being forward than Manisha.

Her message to those who may be affected by Mental Health is: “The project will support those suffering from Mental Health and ensure that these people feel valued, respected and appreciated within society.”


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