Friday Sermon Held at Parliament Square


Muslim Climate Action Organised Event

Muslim Climate Action (MCA) held the first ever congregational Friday prayer at Parliament Square on Friday 9th October as a demonstration of a strong and united voice from British Muslim communities calling for change and action on climate change.  The prayer took place as part of the Global Day of Action against Dirty Energy. 


The public sermon was delivered by Imam Abdullah Hasan, who highlighted the importance the Qu’ran places on the preservation of the earth and the role of humans as stewards. It also outlined proactive steps that Muslim communities can take to mitigate the effects of climate change and campaign for a greener and more just world.


Imam Abdullah Hasan commented “I am passionate about educating our community on climate change and what we can do as individuals. As God mentions in the Qur’an, ‘God will not change the condition of a people as long as they do not change what is in themselves’. We are servants of the earth and our communities and must take the necessary steps to protect our future.”


As the congregation of over 500 men and women began their prayer a powerful message was sent out with the words “#Muslims4Climate” visible on the backs of the congregation. The hashtag has been trending globally with Muslims showing their support for climate following the launch of the Islamic Declaration on Global Climate Change in Istanbul in August this year.


The public sermon and prayer at Parliament Square is the first of its kind and marked the arrival to London of the ‘Green Torch’ which is travelling to different cities and mosques nationwide who are supporting the green Muslim movement. The ‘Green Torch’ is part of a campaign that urges Muslims to lobby the government on reducing dirty energy and switching to renewable sources.  MCA has developed a statement demonstrating the support of Muslim leaders, activists and communities in addressing climate change.


“The support and feedback from the Muslim community has been overwhelming. The endorsement of many leading figures in the Muslim community of the statement shows that many realise the significance of moving towards cleaner and greener energy” commented Sarah Javaid, Chair of MCA.


With Muslim communities in countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sudan often at the forefront of the effects of global warming, the MCA is aspiring to bring the Muslim community together in tackling the issue alongside people of other faiths and backgrounds as part of the growing movement of people concerned about climate change.  


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