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Domestic Abuse Warning from Deputy Borough Commander

Bromley Police’s Deputy Borough Commander Parm Sandhu is using Human Rights Day, to warn perpetrators of domestic abuse that there is no place for them to hide.

Superintendent Sandhu – who spoke at a Gender and Human Rights about how the UK was piloting innovative ways of policing domestic violence and translating UN standards regarding violence against women into best practise in policing – said that on average a woman will be attacked in her home 37 times before she calls the police in the UK.

She said, “There is no place in London for domestic abuse. I want to reassure our communities that there is zero tolerance in the capital for it and all perpetrators will be dealt with swiftly and severely.

Domestic abuse is a cowardly crime that no-one should have to suffer.

“there is no place in London for domestic abuse”

The Metropolitan Police Service remains committed to tackling all forms of domestic abuse whilst continually improving our services to victims and potential victims. Violence is unacceptable and we will continue to proactively identify, arrest and seek prosecution of offenders.

On average a woman will be attacked in her home 37 times before she calls the police in the UK. However we can all play a vital part in helping to deter domestic violence perpetrators, and help more victims, by reporting domestic violence at the first moment possible if we witness it. This gives the police the best chance of responding effectively to every single incident of abuse. So please make the call – and we’ll make it stop”.

The SHARAN Project is designed to empower, educate and inspire women who want to actively learn more about the support and choices that are available to them, to provide them with the tools to lead life on their own terms.


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