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Dining Room Design Ideas By Interior Designer Kiran Singh

If you’re hosting Christmas dinner, you need to make sure that your dining room is all set up to make Christmas feel special. Whether you’re cooking for 20 or 5, it’s important that Christmas is magical for all.

Use these dining room inspiration ideas if you need a hand:

Grey and Metallic

If you can’t stand the thought of having too many decorations and colours in your dining room, you can always create a magical atmosphere with other colours instead. Grey and metallic are two colours that work extremely well together, and can still give the feeling of Christmas. Use accents in these colours for a classy, sophisticated look in your dining room.

Use Lighting for Atmosphere

Lighting is essential for getting the right atmosphere in the dining room. Lamps, candles, and fairy lights can all be used to give you a great effect and make everybody feel warm and at home. Make sure you can have your lighting bright enough to eat dinner, yet dim enough to feel comfortable.

Go Red Crazy

If you do want to use a lot of colour in your Christmas dining room, there’s only one thing for it; go red crazy! Use red cups, red flowers, red ribbons, and more. Just make sure you balance out the red look with a good splash of white and green.


Centrepieces in the middle of the dining table help to make everything look pretty and special. You can use a cluster of candles, flowers, or even wreaths to get the desired look. You could use just one big centrepiece, or multiple little centrepieces. Don’t forget to protect your table from everything on it with an Oilcloth. There are bound to be some spills.

Add Warmth and Texture

Add warmth and texture to your dining room by using furry elements. Things like faux fur rugs and throws can add a lovely, comforting feeling to just about any room. You can also create warmth with the help of colour.

The Tree

You definitely need a tree in your dining room, regardless of whether you have one anywhere else in the house. How big or small it is will depend on how much room you have. Trees that have few branches and leaves can look great when they’ve been decorated with fairy lights and baubles – a little shabby chic. You could always go all out and buy a big, full Christmas tree if shabby chic isn’t your thing. Look on Pinterest or a similar site for inspiration.


The smells of Christmas are just as important as everything else. There will be a lot of naturally Christmas smells present, especially if you’re cooking the dinner and buy a real tree. However, you can also add to the effect by buying cinnamon scented candles and similar things.

Use this inspiration in your dining room and you can’t go wrong this Christmas. It almost won’t matter if you burn the stuffing and forget the cranberry sauce. Happy holidays!

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