UK Supporters Celebrates BJP Victory


Elections Victory Ceremony in Harrow

Patriotic Dance Performance on the Victory Celebration ceremony of  BJP-2014  by Kalpesh  Zalavadiya’s  K’z Dance Entertainment in Harrow – London on 31st May 2014.


On behalf of The Overseas Friends of BJP (UK),  K’z Dance Entertainment has  performed Vande Mataram & Jay Ho for BJP’s unbeatable victory and entertained the invited guests and VIPs across the country.


A key member of  Team Modi,  Manoj Ladwa  was the Chief Guest and key speaker who really supported  election strategy for Dream 272 plus to come true. Excellent Speech by Lord Dolar Popat.

Lalubhai Parekh (President OFBJP-UK), Amit Tiwari (General Secretary OFBJP-UK), many prominent NRIs, Brent North MP Barry Gardiner and other members of different organisations and communities were present.


Brent North MP Barry Gardiner (with who we are pictured with)  congratulated Shri Narendra Modi and his BJP Team on the clear results of the Indian general elections and for earning the largest democratic mandate the world has ever known.


“It was a great honour for us to be take part in this great celebrations. Britain’s Gujarati communities are highly proud of  Shri Narendra Modi and I am even more proud to be an Indian-Gujju. Jay NaMo.” said Kalpesh Zalavadiya.

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