Bangladesh: A Story of Independence


In its 43 Year History Bangladesh Has Garnered Many Achievements

In its 43 year history Bangladesh has garnered many achievements. However, political unrest and divided loyalties have taken its toll on what has now become a fighting battle. We look at the important dates that have shaped the country to what it has become.


1947 – Partition of British India. Pakistan and India become two independent states. 


1949 – Formation of the Awami Muslim League.


1970 – First general election in Pakistan. Awami League gains majority.


1971 – Major Ziaur Rahman broadcasts the declaration of independence on behalf of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman over the radio.


1973 – First general election in Bangladesh is held, Bangladesh Awami League secures a majority.


1975 – Assassination of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.


 1977 – General Ziaur Rahman assumes the presidency. Islam is adopted in the constitution.


1981 – Assassination of Ziaur Rahman.


1982 – Lieutenant General Hussain Muhammad Ershad assumes power after a bloodless coup.

1987 – State of emergency declared after opposition demonstrations and strikes.


1990 – Ershad offers resignation.


1991 – Bangladeshi general election. Bangladesh Nationalist party snatches victory.


1991 – Bangladesh cyclone kills more than 138,000.


2005 – Terrorist group JMB simultaneously detonates 500 bombs in 300 different locations.


2007 – Sheikh Hasina arrested on extortion charges and denied bail.


2008 – Sheikh Hasina released on parole. She flies to the USA for medical treatment.


2009 – Sheikh Hasina assumed her office as Prime Minister of Bangladesh.


2014 – Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gains a third term in elections.


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