Twitter. Hello Guyz M Here wid Another element of # Tu_Mera_Humsafa r .Hope U should they :)


Twitter. Hello Guyz M Here wid Another element of # Tu_Mera_Humsafa r .Hope U should they 🙂

Hello Guyz M Here wid Another element of # Tu_Mera_Humsafa r .Hope U should It 🙂 . Carry out create ur Valuable Comments inside remark package underneath 🙂

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Recap : SwaRagini Attacked by Raj letter SanLak spares SwaRagini.

Tu Mera Humsafar

After generating a strategy SanLak n Rahul Went to perform their own Arrange letter Sanskaar Called Raj to fulfill in a spin Down close their company according to their own Arrange.

Sanskaar : ( Furious ) Hello Raj.

Raj : ( Smiles Evilly ) Hello Sanskaar Maheshwari at long last Tym milgaya Call karne ka..Waise ( Smiles n Acts as soreness ) Oouch..Bahut Zor se Maara tumne..seems like Saari Dushmani ka Badla aaj hi leliya..

Sanskaar : ( furious ) sealed Up..used to do nt name U to Listen Yr Nonsense discussion..I jst should damage at the same time n for every..So that Coz of U my loved ones dnt need to sustain additional..I experienced Enough of it..Nw I cnt added my loved ones n My unborn toddlers lifestyle at risk fr every smaller things..U desired Me to Resign frm business community na ..Ok completed..M prepared Resign..n i’ll also indicates ur identity fr Up climbing identity in Business World..

Raj : ( content ) at long last Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari U Atlast approved to damage..Goo d..warna pata nhi aur kya kya Sehen karna padta Tumhri Princess ko..Khair Daer aaye Durust aai..Ok so how Shall we fulfill to Finalise The more products..

Sanskaar : inside go-down Near My company at day 4..dats da secure spot to Meet..

Raj : ( Smirks Evilly ) All Right.Done Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari..

Right after the Comvo SanLak n Rahul Smiled n provided a Confident expect Eachother letter had been Determined to pitfall Raj Once letter for many.

Laksh : ( Laughs ) Arrey Bhai..Kya jhooth bolete aap ..M Impressed..The Gr8 businesses Tycoon who’s an insurance plan of Nt Lieing keeps Lied Raj Sinha their Over wise companies Tycoon..Gr8 tasks

Rahul : ( Laughs as well ) letter sure Sanskaar..M also Impressed..Kya strategy banaya tumne..U Trapped Raj by telling dat u roentgen prepared undermine..Wah ..n dat Idiot Agreed too..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Winningly ) Rahul n Laksh U Guyz roentgen However Unaware of My personal interior skills..Maine yeh Gr8 Business Tycoon ka subject aise hi nhi jeeta..i was required to undergo mny Ups n Downs to attain n to obtain this name..I have Handled mny Idiot Raj in this way..Sometimes to Trap a Idiot Tiger in Our Trap we should instead react Frndly wid Him..Otherwise dat Idiot Tiger will damage you merely..So in in an identical way whenever we want to capture Raj within Game we must be Frndly wid Him..den best we cn pitfall U Guyz best discover wenever We made an effort to Trap Him by Anger the video game was Over aroused Us only..So this Tym we thot Lets Trap Him in a Frndly Method in place of adversary Method.. ( Smirks Victoriously )

Laksh : ( Smiles ) certainly Bhai..U roentgen Ryt..N dekhna this Tym that Raj should be Definitely captured n get an extreme Punishment. .

Sanskaar : ( Hoping ) Ya Laksh..Ummed toh yehi hai.. ( Sees da Tym ) Anywyz Laksh helps go..Its Alrdyate..Ragin i myt become prepared fr U.She demands U nw..So U head to Ragini.. ( Pats Lakshas neck in worry )

Laksh : ( Smiles ) indeed U in addition Go..More dan Ragini’s disease Swaraas fitness was nt Good..She demands U A lot more..So u furthermore Go..

Sanskaar : Haa..M Additionally Gking. . ( To Rahul ) Rahul U also head to ur Home..Sorry coz of Our Prblm We Disturbed U..

Rahul : their alright Sanskaar..after this Famjly will be Myn as well in the near itna toh karsakta hu top fr My Family..Ryt ??

SanLak : ( Overwhelmed ) Haa Offg program..

Rahul : ( Smiles ) Hmm..Accha all right den Bye..Take Care of SwaRagini..

Quickly SanLak n Rahul Left n decided to go to their particular Respective room n residence to possess a Peacefull Yet this short Sleep coz a day later wud feel a Stressfull letter a huge time fr these to pitfall Raj in their Arrange..SanLak registered their unique Respective spaces n Went to Sleep n Took their particular particular Wifes inside their worried accept n Slept Peacefully wid Worriedness n light look on the Faces.

Eventually The Day letter da world for Wich SanLak letter Rahul comprise Waiting fr was at top of Them.Sanskaar letter Raj are Standing Face to Face infront of Eachother are Sanskaar searched Dull n Pale letter Raj alternatively Raj looked happier n got an absolute Smile on His Face.

Raj : ( Smiles Winningly ) Thus Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari try at long last willing to damage fr His family members For their beloved Wifey..Hmm Good..Chalo Ur Beautiful partner mere kisi ke Kaam toh aayi ( Laughs Evilly ) In history 90 days main I attempted a decent amount to Woe Her bt My Bad Luck She never ever gave a really aim to Me.Kya Kya nhi kiya maine..I attempted to Force,i made an effort to Woe Hee by Frndship etc Ur Beautiful girlfriend . ( Intreprupted )

Sanskaar : ( crazy letter shuts their Fists ) adequate Raj..M nt right here to listen to junk abt my partner..M right here to Compromise wid U..U desired Me to Resign na..So right here U roentgen ( programs 2 records ) this will be My personal Resignation report letter this is certainly da File in wich I proposed Ur term fr The Up Rasing businesses Tycoon of world of business..Sign they Asap making sure that I cn yield to the company Community..

Raj : ( Pleased n Takes da documents letter evidence Excitedly ) eventually i thing wich i wanted is In My fingers..Wowow.M da New Up Raising company Tycoon operating community..The Dream I found myself Dreaming of has become correct..N I produced U Of My Way Sanskaar .. used to do.. ( passionate ) jo maine sab kuch kiya attain this Position works..Nth ing lost in Waste.Wat all i did to have this place..I Attacked U,I Tried to make Ur Wife, we actually attempted to eliminate Ur girlfriend n Babies n we actually organized Bail fr me by Bribing the attorney A lot more n Attacked Both Swara n Ragini..we wud bring actually murdered dem agr Kal tum record nhi aate anywyz. .i had gotten wat I needed Sab kuch Rang laya..Wowow..

Sanskaar : Congratulations Mr Raj Sinha I got wat u wanted..n nw Dnt U always Try to Disturb n Harm my spouse letter my loved ones..Warna the way in which i Handed U our Position na in da Samw Method i cn Snatch they also..So steer clear frm Me n My Family letter specially Frm my partner..Samjhe ??

Raj : ( Smiles Evilly ) Mujhe jo chahiye mujhe milgaya..N nw we dnt wanted something ryt Haa agr Later if i feel I want Ur Beautiful spouse dat Tym I cnt Say something fr M happy coz I got wat i want..

As Raj is Bzy in remembering their the adult hub Meld je aan Success Sanskaar in contrast have successful Smile On His Face wich had been viewed by Raj n was baffled to see Sanskaar Smiling despite losing anything.

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Winningly ) desire toh loss hogi wen u would be out-of prison na..U roentgen complete Mr Raj Sinha..U roentgen Gone..

Raj : ( Confused ) Wat would u imply by Gone ?? Wat waste roentgen u speaking ?? Lagta hai U r Gone Mad due to Sudden surprise of losing Ur Position.. ( Laughs )

Sanskaar : Smirks Victoriously ) Pagaal toh tum hoge Mr Raj Sinha wen U should come to knw Wat really took place wid U Jst Nw ..( Smirks ) Being a proper Knw businesses people Dnt U knw the straightforward Rule of businesses..


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