Birmingham Initiative Art for Charity Launches Coronavirus Fundraising Initiative in Digbeth

Art for Charity, a collective of creatives and entrepreneurs from Birmingham, has launched the ‘Forward In Unity’ art project  with the creation of its first  dedicated artwork in Digbeth, Birmingham. Designed to unite together the population of Birmingham and mark this generational event,And to draw on the skills and experience of some of Birmingham’s most exceptional creative talent, the collective has taken the first steps in establishing a new fundraising initiative in the city.

Spearheaded by Paul Cadman, Nathaniel Hanna and world-renowned street artist Gent 48, the goal is to create a permanent memorial to the hard work and lasting effects of the coronavirus crisis.

Head of Operations, Nathaniel Hanna, said: “We want to harness the creative potential across Birmingham to create a landmark moment for the city. We want to celebrate the spirit of Birmingham communities while paying homage to the efforts of those on the front lines at hospitals, care homes, education establishments and everywhere else across the city.

“Our aim is the creation of an artistic piece that the entire city can be proud of, then utilising its qualities as a fundraising tool to give people across Birmingham the opportunity to contribute to our ideology that the city will emerge from this crisis stronger than when it entered.”

Gent 48’s artwork, which appears in a prominent position in the heart of Birmingham’s creative district, will serve as the basis for prints of various sizes. The Art for Charity initiative invites sponsorship and purchases, which will see many contributors receiving acknowledgement on a printed gratitude board adjacent to the original artwork, online recognition and a selection of perks and prizes.

Larger prints will bear the signature of the artist, along with numerous dignitaries, business leaders and celebrities from across the city, including the Lord Mayor. Proceeds from this sponsorship will be donated to the Lord Mayor’s Charity, ensuring that the efforts of those we celebrate result in improvements to their local communities.


Prof. Paul Cadman – Founder of 4 Charity.Art on 07792 540 778  or Nathaniel Hanna -Head of Operations: 07545 772 280

Pic Courtesy of Mr Ladd Media.


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