Choosing the right colour wallpaper for your interior décor can be pretty overwhelming sometimes, it can have dramatic effect on the mood of your house. Colours look different depending on the amount of light you have coming in to the room or the amount of colour you can actually see.

Bright colours or metallic effects are great for reflecting light back into your room, this will open up your space making it look bigger and lighter than it actually is, but don’t be afraid to try dark neutrals.


There’s often a misconception that using dark colours such as charcoal wallpaper in your room will make the room look smaller, but they can have the opposite effect if you choose the right colour or effect to accompany it, such as a metallic wallpaper or a lighter colour to compliment the dark shades adding drama to your walls as well as opening up your space.

You could choose colours depending on the mood you want for the room, the living room, where you would wind down after a long day at work, you might use a wallpaper with a tonal colour pallet that will bring relaxed ambiance, as well as being on-trend while adding a touch sophistication to your walls. Your dining room is a place of laughter and enjoyment with friends and family, so why not take on a bright and bold colour. Just go for the colours you want! Experiment and see what will work for your space!          


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